Malky Moche Vessel


This vessel depicts a mummy bundle from the Moche culture of Northern Coastal Peru circa 500 to 700 of the Common Era.  Purchased through Ancient Resources, LLC out of Glendale, CA, previous East Coast collection.  Measures approximately 6 3/4 inches in height, 5 1/4 inches in width.  The body was made in a deep red-orange slip with a cream ring around the mouth of the vessel and cream to the top of the protruding head that extends from one side of the mouth.  A small rim chip exists and a probe hole, as can be seen in the pictures.  The nose and one side of the mouth of the face has slight erosion.  In ‘as found’ condition with no restoration.  The hollow eyed stare has an eye catching expression.  Displays well!

Malky Vessel

$575 to purchase