Maya Corn God Plate


This terra cotta polychrome Maya plate is an amazing 13 1/2 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.  Colors are vivid and bright, depicting the profile of the Maya Corn God, Yum Kaax, in the center surrounded by geometric designs.  The plate appears to be intact, but has been glued back together from three pieces with cracks re-touched.  According to Maya culture, when a piece of this nature was buried with its owner, there would be a kill hole put in the center to allow the spirit to leave.  The kill hole, as can be seen on bottom side, was refilled and retouched.  Minor abrasions to paint and mineral deposits.  Provenance; Miami Beach private collection, Dorado Antiques Corporation.  This is one of the larger Maya plates I have owned or even seen.  A very rare and beautiful piece.

Corn God Plate

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